Cassidy Quinn & Lily Demure ?>

Cassidy Quinn & Lily Demure

Another molten hot all-girl fuck scene well and truly knocked outta the park for this week’s update as we proudly unveil TS ‘it’ girls Cassidy Quinn and Lily Demure in sensational hardcore action. Yet another unmissable production from sharp shooter Radius Dark guaranteed to get you salivating. Strap in…

Cassidy: “I loved working with Lily Demure. She was really sweet and has a really hot ass. She has a really cute smile and great hair. My favorite part of the shoot was getting topped. She fucked me good. She’s really good at topping!”

Lily: “I had a lot of fun. Cassidy’s hella cute and knows what she’s doing. She has really pretty eyes and I kept getting lost in them. The last position where I was on my stomach was nice. It was some good fucking. She’s also pretty good in the kissing department.”


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