Princess Pandora & Plushy Dolly ?>

Princess Pandora & Plushy Dolly

A Maryland duo of Femout cuties collide in this week’s nut busting classic as Amy Space Kitten brings together Princess Pandora and Plushy Doll, sits back and lets the magic happen! Two very horny up and cummers keen to make a name for themselves in the biz, getting off on the right foot with this killer XXX! Over to you ladies……

Princess Pandora: “Plushy Dolly was awesome! We are both new to hardcores, but we got so into it that all of that went straight out of the window! Plushy Dolly took my Cute and Sexy motto and literally fucked it lol! Cum see!”

Plushy Dolly: “Princess pandora was absolute pleasure to work with! She’s a really great kisser, and really good at sucking me off. I had never done anal before this scene, but after Princess Pandora I’m begging for more. I’m definitely looking forward to topping more lovely ladies!”



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