Chloe Wilcox & Nicolette Phoenix ?>

Chloe Wilcox & Nicolette Phoenix

TWO rampant former lovers rekindle good times on this week’s badass update as Femout stars Chloe Wilcox & Nicolette Phoenix intertwine for an afternoon of cock sucking, ass fucking, ball busting TGirl antics! It’s just how we roll here on TGP!

Nicolette: “We have good chemistry, because we previously dated and I don’t get to bottom often. My favorite part of the shoot was her ending. I got to lay there and have her blast all over my face. Me being a cumslut is a horribly kept secret ;)”

Chloe: “Like Nikki said before, we used to be an item and this isn’t the first time I’ve made her my bitch. Last time was a bit more private and there were toys and rope involved. This time was fun, because I basically got rough and raw with her.”



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