Cece Monroe Owns Megan Feisty ?>

Cece Monroe Owns Megan Feisty

Cece Monroe brought along her submissive plaything, Megan Feisty to show her off, and make sure there was no doubt as to who was in control and who was serving. Pretty Dutch girl Megan Feisty is dressed in a leather corset and black stay-up stockings. Her cock has been caged all week, and she’s been wearing a heavy metal buttplug for the last few hours. Cece is going to make Megan work for her reward, and has her lick her legs and suck on her toes before, sliding her hard cock between Megan’s lips and having her suck, and tongue her. Cece removes the buttplug and enters Megan’s asshole, fucking her deeply while teasing and pumping her nipples, before allowing Megan to remove her cock cage, as a reward for her service.


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