Neci Submits To Aelin ?>

Neci Submits To Aelin

Neci Archer is a natural submissive, at only 5ft 3, this little 23 year old Latino girl loves to please, and loves to have someone control her. Enter stage left, Aelin Blue, 5ft 10 lean, fucking machine and she’s ready to make sure Neci does as she’s told. Some early foreplay puts Neci in her place as Aelin teases, and torments Neci, having her suck on her nipples, before getting her where she should be, on her knees worshiping that big cock, licking and taking it deep into her mouth, while Aelin gives gentle encouragement. Aelin has Neci suck on her toes, licking between them and taking each in her mouth in turn, and then flips over into doggy position and pushes Neci between her cheeks to lick and tongue her asshole. Aelin is more than ready to get her cock deep into Neci, and flips her on her back and goes to work, pushing her tight asshole open and bringing them both to climax.


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