Sarina’s Happy Cow ?>

Sarina’s Happy Cow

Sarina Havok’s ranch has only one type of animal and it takes a lot for her to tend to them. They need feeding on only the best junk food, they need mirrors to constantly check their looks and they always, repeat, always need milking. It’s Autumn Rain’s turn to go in and see Sarina. Sarina starts by taking a rectal temperature of Autumn with her tongue, and then an oral temperature by having Autumn suck on that long hard cock, before Sarina sucks on Autumn because… well why not? There is only one way Autumn is going to get milked, and that’s by having Sarina’s massage her from the inside with her long cock, and she pumps and thrusts inside Autumn’s tight ass, making her squirm and squeal until, she squirts her milk. Sarina then delivers a vitamin injection right into Autumn’s waiting face.


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