Bexy Lynne & Sarayah Sin ?>

Bexy Lynne & Sarayah Sin

A cock-hungry duo of Femout girls are getting cosy in today’s 4K production as Bexy Lynne & Sarayah Sin strip down and get their Grooby on under Radius Dark’s lights. Two hung honeys, one badass flick – it’s just how we roll here on TGP!

Bexy: “Sarayah and I had already been fucking, so we decided to do it on camera. I wanted to show off my fat ass getting fucked for the first time on camera, so we got it done, but I also wanted to fuck her tight ass, and I had a huge cumshot on her back that flew over her head!”

Sarayah: “We had a nice time fucking and sucking each other. Bexy has a huge ass, so I had to get creative getting it in there, but I’m sure people will like how I squatted and fucked her deep so you could see her ass and the penetration. You know I loved that big cumshot at the end too”



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