Alexa Vex & Kodama Grey ?>

Alexa Vex & Kodama Grey

Strap in for a sensational all-girl fuck scene featuring two white hot, site debutantes – it’s update time on TGirls.Porn! Alexa Vex & Kodama Grey are two rising starlets who propelled themselves into the AV limelight with their 2017 GroobyGirls intro sets and we are delighted to secure their services for their first ever Grooby hardcore production, courtesy of Radius Dark. BOOM!

Alexa: “I’m so happy I got to meet Kodama after talking to her on twitter. She’s such a cutie! Her ass was super tight and it totally helped me stay rock hard throughout. I liked all the kissing and mutual blow jobs. It was a very easy, fun time!”

Kodama: “I really enjoyed working with Alexa Vex. She had a huge cock that filled up my throat and my ass. It felt amazing! The pressure forced me to get rock hard while I was getting fucked and her cum tasted just delicious. Can we do it again please? lol!”


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