Seduced!!! ?>


When Dani Sophia went out on a lunch date with Jaymee Castles she was expecting a little flirtation, and maybe a fumble and a kiss on the way home, but Jaymee was having none of it, she used all her wise ways and guile, her dark large eyes and her wettened red lips to seduce Dani until she was putty in her hands. Dani was so turned on by Jaymee she just let herself into the moment, and went for the ride, feeling Jaymee’s big cock between her small hands just got her excited and ready for more. Sucking, and tasting that sweet, salty heat and Dani’s heart racing and her asshole pulsating, desperate for what comes next. A nice scene by two young girls whom we haven’t seen much of to date. Dani Sophia and Jaymee Castles, in some great action shot by Luna.


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