Alone At Last ?>

Alone At Last

They finally managed to sneak away from the party without anyone watching and get together, alone. These two have been flirting, eyeing, playing footsie and making sexual advances for a long time but both like discretion and didn’t want everyone to find out… well they will when this scene by Nikki Sequoia comes out! Ava gets her infamous cock sucking lips around Cherry’s equally world-renowned big hard cock, and goes to work pleasing her partner, loving feeling her stiff cock deep in her mouth, the sweet taste of pre-cum on her tongue. They settle into a 69 position, both loving the intimacy it brings before Ava swings her lithe body around and lowers herself onto Cherry’s cock, feeling its length penetrate deeply and its width stretch her tight pink hole. A sexy scene from two of Las Vegas’s sexiest girls.


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