Yuuki Trap & Robin Thorn ?>

Yuuki Trap & Robin Thorn

TGirls.Porn knocks another booming ‘all-girl’ hardcore outta the park today as we bring together two searing starlets Yuuki Trap & Robin Thorn for some downright dirty, X-Rated antics! An absolute killer scene, shot just days ago by Omar Wax – let’s hear from the girls on their experience….

Yuuki: “Shooting with Robin Thorn was like a dream come true. I’m so honored to have her by my side for my very first shoot in TGirls.Porn. Not only is she beautiful, but she has an amazing personality and is very easy to get along with. I’ve had such an incredible time getting to know her and I can’t wait to do more upcoming scenes with her in the future. Robin is an incredible top during sex, she’s very passionate and caring but that doesn’t mean she has a bottom side too. Even I was able to ‘blow my load’ all over her and not many people get to experience that first hand like she did with me.”

Robin: “I had SO much fun! Yuuki and I are very playful on and off camera. We have been sexting each other for sometime now in anticipation of this scene, and when she practically begged me to top her, how could I refuse? My only request was that she cover me in her jizz after I’m finished pounding her cute little ass. I’m still in awe of the fountain of cum she is able to produce! I hope you guys enjoy watching us as much as we enjoyed playing together! <3”


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