Cassidy Quinn & Jenny Flowers ?>

Cassidy Quinn & Jenny Flowers

Another pair of cock-hungry vixens let loose in this week’s searing all-girl affair with the uber-cute Jenny Flowers getting her freak on with inked minx Cassidy Quinn. Strap in!

Cassidy: “Jenny is the perfect fucktoy, super submissive, does what she’s told, and knows how to take dick. I don’t like to dominate dudes, but Jenny is one of the prettiest girls ever, soft and sweet, and tastes like candy. They switched my partner at the last second, but it was the perfect match up.

Jenny: “The shoot went amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. This was my favorite shoot so far. Chemistry was AMAZING. Incredible. I love being dominated and Cassidy is very talented. We covered all the bases. I got stepped on, I got to suck on her toes, sucked her dick in every position possible, I got choked, slapped and I got “slut” scratched on to my back!”


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