Annabelle Lane & Jelena ?>

Annabelle Lane & Jelena

Whilst shooting some explosive new shit for the ground-breaking GroobyVR, rampant roommates Annabelle & Jelena asked us if we’d be down to feature them in all-girl XXX scene. Of course our answer was “hell yes” and of course the obvious place to showcase such a mouth-watering production was right here on our beloved TGirls.Porn…..Enjoy!

Annabelle: “Whether it was the heat from the tub or the fire in my loins, I was so turned on from the moment Jelena looked at me. When I saw her staring from her bedroom window, I wondered if she was turned on too. She must’ve been because she signaled for me to join her in the bedroom. Laying there, touching ourselves, tasting each other, I knew I had to have her inside of me. She gave me such a nice dicking down. Best roommate ever!”

Jelena: ” I’m new to LA. I love the sunshine, the sights, and the events here, but I really wished I had somebody to do things with. I’ve been here for almost a month now, and I’ve not gotten laid! I’ve had my eyes on this girl in the house I rent out of… She’s so pretty and cool-looking, but I’m nervous to talk to her because I’m trans. What will she think?.. Lately I’ve been noticing her spending more time in the pool and the jacuzzi. Maybe I can catch a glimpse or two of her in her bathing suit, even if I can’t touch…”



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