Jamie Erin & Sammie Shepard ?>

Jamie Erin & Sammie Shepard

We just love real life couples who open their doors to us here on TGP! Enter Missouri duo Jamie Erin and Sammie Shephard – two ‘first seen’ true lovers in a polyamorous relationship who get downright nasty and reveal what they get up to in the sheets on today’s ass tapping update brought to us by Radius Dark……

Jamie: “I like having sex with other girls. It’s a lot of fun. Their soft, sassy, dominant, but careful. My favorite part of the shoots was fucking Sammie back to back to back in different positions. When we fuck in our personal lives, it’s usually one position, cum, and done. If I could have added anything, it would have been a surprise bukkake scene in the end with 40+ cocks drenching us with cum!”

Sammie: “Girls are soft, nice, and squishy! But seriously, it’s fun to have sex with other girls, especially with Jamie. We haven’t gotten to five-some status yet, but it’s on the agenda. This was our first time on camera. I used to be a fetish model, so I’ve done some stuff for an audience, but not full on sex. It was so much fun and doing it with Jamie Made it special. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with just a random person.”



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