River Enza & Shiri ?>

River Enza & Shiri

Oh my….we’ve conjured up some pretty impressive combinations since our phenomenal launch just over a year ago and this one is certainly up there with the finest. Members of Grooby graduate site Femout will be all too familiar with Portland babe River Enza’s antics and smokin’ redhead Shiri is a Shemale Yum favourite with a major following. Mr Radius Dark brought this sexually charged duo together, flicked on the lights and let the magic happen…….

River: “Kissing Shiri was a dream. It got me really turned and, sorry to the producer and his vision, but I totally skipped the long drawn out foreplay and pulled her panties down as it was just natural for me. I’m totally submissive, so I waited for her to give me permission to kiss it, and I quickly filled my mouth with her cock. Her cock and balls tasted amazing, but she really made me squirm when she gave me her beautiful head. In between my legs, her head bobbing up and down. I could barely contain myself. I hit the camera a few times if I recall correctly. She teased me with that perfect, pink cock as we played with each other for a bit and then she slid it in. That moment was so golden. I winced a little bit as her head went in, because I’m so tight. She fucked me in all kinds of positions, but I loved it when she told me “that ass looks amazing” before putting it in my tight asshole for the last time. Sticking my tongue out and licking all that cum up in my mouth was pure pleasure.”

Shiri: “When I found out River was in town and looking for a partner to fuck her on camera, I signed up right away. She is a super tall girl and we had a little fun with that in the intro pictures. I made her get right to giving me head and I got hard right away. It felt good to have a tall, submissive girl ravishing my body. It didn’t take long before she was both sucking my titties and running her long, sexy fingers up and down my cock, before diving back in “head” first on my cock. The girl knows what she’s doing. Once we were both rock hard, I really started feeling it. We rubbed our cocks together and then I put it in her. She was nice and tight. Her ass felt amazing, tightening around my cock. She’s tall, but light, so it was easy to have her bouncing up and down on my dick. Watching her cock banging on my stomach was so erotic. After fucking that amazing ass, I made her lick up all my delicious cum. When she came, I did the same for her. Yummy.”


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