Oriana Frost & Nikki Jade Taylor ?>

Oriana Frost & Nikki Jade Taylor

SINCE WORD hit the Grooby offices that Omar had secured the services of the equally sensational duo Oriana Frost and Nikki Jade Taylor for a ‘girls-only’ rampant fuck scene we have all been just itching to see the finished product and man, we were not disappointed. Both huge favourites of ours, both stupidly fuckin’ hot in their rights and both with insatiable sexual appetites and a true passion for performing for the lenses. Fireworks be happening right now on TGirls.Porn and we are delighted to unveil this smash hit of a XXX. Enjoy the show…..

Nikki Jade Taylor: “I had a exciting weekend. I met another beautiful Tgirl like myself, her name is Oriana Frost. It was so much fun hanging out with her and getting to know one other. We ended up coming back to my place, where we got a little carried away, finding each other so attractive I couldn’t help but want to kiss her lips and touch her body. And her wanting to touch and kiss me as well. It wasn’t long before we were making out on the sofa. The touch of her lips against mine was amazing. I felt so much passion in our kisses. I couldn’t help but want to touch her body as she was doing the same to me. Kissing on her breasts and body as I went down and started to suck on her hard pierced cock. I could tell I made her very horny! I was so aroused and I just I wanted more more more!! I literally couldn’t wait another second to feel her cock in my ass! As she began to fuck me Doggy style it felt so good feeling her hard studded cock go in and out of my tight hole. She fucked me so hard for a few minutes then she started licking my ass. We switched positions and I began to ride her hard cock again as she spread on the sofa looking into her eyes as I felt her going deep inside me, giving each other so much pleasure. She made me cum all over myself. I watched her cum hard too and I’m not going to lie, I just wanted to lick it all up!”

Oriana Frost: “Nikki and I started making out, touching each other’s bodies (her new breasts are amazing by the way!) Her soft lips worked their way down my neck, to my breasts, then she took my cock in her mouth without hesitation. As I got hard in her she turned me around and started licking my ass. When I couldn’t take it anymore we switched positions and I took her perfectly sized dick in my mouth and ate her out. After I teased her ass with my tongue I took my pierced cock and fucked her doggy style while she moaned and groaned like the naughty girl that she is. Then we switched positions and she rode my cock, letting me get deep in her ass. Finally, I turned her over and fucked her while she laid on her back and stroked herself. I needed to cum so I pulled out, leaned back and passionately kissed her while I came a huge red hot load. Of course I returned the favour and choked Nikki until she sprayed her sweet girl nut everywhere!”


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