Nina Lawless & Mara Nova ?>

Nina Lawless & Mara Nova

BEACH BUNNIES Nina Lawless & Mara Nova turn up the heat to absolute boiling point in this storming girl on girl feature brought to us by Mr Radius Dark! Seasoned Grooby Girl Nina pounding the ass off of up and cumming TS starlet Mara is a sizzling production you do NOT want to miss! Have a read what the girls had to say about this molten scene…..

Mara: “I liked shooting with Nina, she made me feel comfortable. This shoot will help me be more open since this was my first time with another t-girl. I really liked being in missionary position with her, because I feel like it’s more passionate. You make eye contact with your partner while being pounded. One of my favourite things is when a guys is able to pick me up, but I was very surprised that Nina was able to pick me up the first time while wearing heels. Overall, it was a great experience. I was surprised at how smooth everything went, even though I was really, really nervous the whole time!”

Nina: “I don’t like working with other t-girls… Just joking! I love working with other t-girls, because I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m versatile, sometimes I like to top, sometimes I don’t. The first time I shot with other t-girls, I didn’t get fucked enough. Either way, there are generally no surprises. Being TS and having shot with so many, I just know what the typical borders are, and I don’t push them. It’s really comfortable. I haven’t been having much sex lately, so I really got to pound her hard and she was good… great at taking it.”


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