Lusinda Divine & Lady Chrysallis Estrella ?>

Lusinda Divine & Lady Chrysallis Estrella

LUSINDA & LADY C are a lustful T-Milf duo who share one major passion – TGirl sex, and lots of it! From the second they were introduced and the word “action” was spoken, these two horny divas just couldn’t keep their hands and cocks away from each other and delivered an absolutely banging show from start to finish. It’s another damn fine production from Grooby sharp shooter Radius Dark and your good friends at TGirls.Porn!

Lady Chrysallis Estrella“I love sex with other women because they’re just like me, a woman with a cock. I like the similarity. I have very little experience with other transwomen, though, so this was fun. I keep myself open and look at myself as polyamorous and have love for everyone. I loved sucking Lusinda’s cock. It was pretty darn tasty. I also liked it when she smacked my ass. When I asked her to do it hard, she did it hard”.

Lusinda Divine“I liked working with Chrysallis, she’s like a human Viagra. We had a little practice before the scene. I’ve been dating a lot of transwomen, so I’ve been topping a lot, although there’s nothing like a good fucking. Chrysallis has a nice ass and some wonderful, milk squirting titties. We’re from the same area, so maybe we’ll do a little more “practice” in the future”.


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