Lana Solaire & Talia Sonata ?>

Lana Solaire & Talia Sonata

A site favourite and a hot debutante gets balls deep and personal in this week’s wicked pairing as we proudly present the lovely Lana Solaire and Talia Sonata in sweet ass-tapping action. Another cracking scene brought to us by Omar Wax, Lana takes the reigns and gives Talia an intro to the biz she won’t forget in a hurry – complete with a sticky facial…..nice! Two young starlets who just couldn’t get enough of each other, as our extended special interviews clearly show…..

Talia: “As I was walking through the streets of downtown, admiring the beautiful Houston skyline at night, I came across an even more gorgeous sight. There, sitting alone by a garden, a faintly familiar girl whose long legs and beautiful hair demanded my attention. Shamelessly I kept my eye on her as I passed, savoring every second that I could. Then, by chance, or perhaps fate, I saw her face. Immediately I recognized this flower as Lana Solaire. In my excitement, I jumped at the opportunity to meet one of my favorite stars. To my great pleasure she invited me to sit with her, and after some friendly conversation she looked at me in a way that made my heart race and my head go fuzzy. She made her intentions clear, and not in a million years could I turn down the chance to be Lana Solaire’s personal slut. We made our way to her nearby hotel room and wasted no time embracing each other. The way she held me to her, her breath on my face and neck. The building tension as our tongues intertwined and she ran her hands across my body. She knew exactly how to turn me on, and quickly I became hers completely. As I undressed and she touched my skin I could barely contain myself, a situation further intensified as she herself stripped and revealed her perfect body to me. As I gazed upon her I saw something hanging just barely out of her panties. She said she had a present for me, and revealed a collar that I was a little too eager to have strapped around my neck. As soon as the latch was fastened I knew that I needed her to take me, to drive her cock deep in my ass and use me as her whore. She didn’t miss a beat, and quickly bent me over to have her way with me. Her tongue flicking my asshole sent shivers down my spine, and the more I squirmed the more she persisted. Then the moment I longed for came. I could feel the head of her cock against my ass, and as she pressed herself into me it was as if heaven itself was filling me. And so, she took me, and with every thrust she brought me closer to the edge until finally we both climaxed. The taste of her cum is indescribable, and even now I find myself licking my lips at the thought of it. Women to me are the epitome of beauty, sexuality, and tenderness. The soft sin, the shape of our bodies, and the passion two girls can share satisfies me in a way I could never find elsewhere. We know what gets us off, and that understanding leads to the most intense sex imaginable.”

Lana: “So I was hanging out downtown and decided to go out and find an ice cream truck. Sadly, it was night time and I couldn’t find one, so I decided to find something else to eat. While I was checking my phone I noticed a really cute girl checking me out. Really, really cute. The kinda cute you just want to fuck senseless, you know? I also noticed dat ass. Funny enough, she recognized me. I felt famous. It was neat. So I asked her to sit with me and chat for a while. Maybe I could have met a hot new friend? After talking to her for a few moments I realized I totally had. I told her to come with me back to my room and went on my way. She followed close by as we made our way there, stopping to kiss her and make my intentions clear. I found something to eat. Inside my hotel room, I showed her one of my fidget spinners. I think they’re neat. So, why not? Then I got to work. I ran my fingers down her legs and pulled her closer to me, then she got naked. Yeah, she was really hot, even hotter naked. hat a time to be alive. So, then I took off my clothes and showed her something I had stored for just this occasion: a collar. What? You don’t keep collars for cute girls in your panties? It’s totally normal. Anyways, she was really eager to put it on, to which I was more than happy to oblige. She was mine. Then I had at her, sucking her gorgeous cock and finally being able to eat some ass. It was delicious She loved it. Then I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, I fucked her. I fucked her really good. Her ass is just perfect, even better when my cock is deep inside. I used the collar to pull her back when we were in doggy so I could get even deeper. She was a good little slut. I was pleased. So I made her cum, licking it off her quivering body and then I decided to give her a little something extra and came all over her face. She deserved it. I fucking loved it. I really, really love being with other girls, I know I say it a lot, but I just can’t help myself. What can I say? I have a way with the cuties, I’m not complaining. There’s just something about being with another girl than can’t be duplicated. It’s even better when you find a new friend.”


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