Julieta Strange & Lucy Blue ?>

Julieta Strange & Lucy Blue

OUR QUEST to bring you the freshest faces first in searing hardcore girl-on-girl action continues in fine form this week as we present two hung and horny newcummers who just couldn’t get enough of each others’ hungry asses and throbbing girl dicks! Julieta Strange and Lucy Blue explode onto the scene in this booming Radius Dark production…..he caught up with the promiscuous pair once they got their breath back:

Radius: What do you like about being with other transwomen:

Lucy Blue: I love being with other t-girls. I love how soft they are, and how pretty they are. I really like certain things t-girls can do that other girls can’t do 😉

Julieta Strange: I don’t know. They’re just fucking hot? Who doesn’t like tits and a dick? Seriously, and if they say they don’t, then they’re lying. So many people lie so hard, but objectively, it’s science. That is just they hottest thing possible!

Radius: What is the difference between sex with a man and sex with a t-girl?

Lucy: Oh there’s a big difference. You can’t even compare them! With transwomen, they way they hold you is different, they way the kiss you is different. There’s just something special about it. There’s always an energy that’s just really nice.

Julieta: Sex with other transwomen, it’s just nice to have someone soft to hold with a nice dick.

Lucy: You get to be with a really pretty woman, but you get to suck dick at the same time. It’s like…It’s perfect!

Julieta: Transwomen sound better when they cum too.

Lucy: Agreed! (to Julieta) Shall we go again?


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