Jenny Crystal & Aubrie Scarlett ?>

Jenny Crystal & Aubrie Scarlett

Another week, another pair of girl-cock hungry Radius girls rampant and ready to get downright dirty under the Grooby lights. Aubrie Scarlett and Jenny Crystal have both enjoyed successive solos scenes over on GroobyGirls but today we secure their exquisite hardcore services for an afternoon of sinful TS on TS shenanigans…..get some!

Aubrie: “We have great chemistry together and fuck in real life, so this wasn’t really a stretch. As soon as we started kissing, I went right for her pants, but she beat me to it. Jenny knows how to get me rock hard with her lips, but I loved getting some rare action from her fucking me and it was on camera! I think I surprised the producer when I had to pull out and cum on her back while fucking her doggy style, because it was that good.”

Jenny: “The plan was for Aubrey to fuck me, but she gave me such a good blowjob and she was right there, so I had her just turn around and ride my cock from a new position. I loved seeing her awesome ass bouncing up and down on my cock. I really loved how she turned things around and fucked the shit out of me next. I came all over her chest, licked it up, and gave her a nice, cummy kiss.”



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