Jenna Rose & Crystal Sopen ?>

Jenna Rose & Crystal Sopen

ANOTHER UPDATE, another steamy “all girl” affair to get your teeth into as we bring together two very naughty young up and cummers and let the magic happen. Enter Jenna Rose and Crystal Sopen who I’m told just could not keep their hands off each other right from the outset and even stayed behind after the shoot for a second helping after TGirl naughtiness!

Jenna Rose: “I loved getting to shoot for with Crystal Sopen. Our shoot felt very sensual to me. In the beginning I was nervous, never having been with another trans girl, this was new territory for me. I have always been attracted to girls but, I’ve also always loved cock. Crystal came together as the best of both worlds. Her body was soft and smooth while her cock was rock hard. The way that she interacted with me; the way she touched me felt sweet and compassionate. It felt so satisfying to kiss her from her lips, to her perky tits, and all the way down to her hard cock. Sucking on her cock got my little clitty hard and soon I was dying for her to take me. Crystal in essence seduced me- letting me open up, relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience.The way she teasingly licked my “little pussy” made me want to please her and see her hard cock cum. Even when she had me pressed up to the window where everyone below could see me all I could focus on was how good it felt to be taken by her and how badly I wanted to see her cum. Being seduced by a trans girl just has a certain subtle, sensual, sexy, sweetness not found with most men”.

Crystal Sopen: “I was excited to work with the cute and nubile Jenna. I love the curves and feel of a woman’s body and the warm affection they can give. I love playing with women, especially with a fun fit tgirl like Jenna. In the scenario Jenna came to the when I was laying on my bed bored. As I opened the door, I saw Jenna with her cute ass looking extra good in her tight tight sorts. At that point I thought, her ass is the perfect cure for my boredom. It turned out to be a fun day after all, as we went at it late into the night. We got closer, talked and kissed . As I got her undressed I traced my hands over her body. Then, I tasted Jenna’s buns and her sweet as hole. She also pleased my cock, with sill and grace. I also noticed she has delightful small breast, which I enjoyed greatly. The way she tongued my nipples was deliciously precise. We had a good long anal sex by my window, which has a scenic view of downtown”.


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