Jamie French & Sativa ?>

Jamie French & Sativa

TWO INSANELY fine ladies intertwine in yet another rampant TGirls.Porn presentation! Jamie French is something of an icon in the biz and needs little introduction and Sativa first appeared for us with two killer sets on Shemale Yum back in 2014. We brought this lustful duo together for this popping exclusive, sat back and let the magic happen. Let’s hear from these wonderful ladies on the experience….

Jamie: “Hey y’all, Jamie French here. This is my first scene for Tgirls.porn as a model and my second go around as a producer. I couldn’t be more pleased that I was able to pair up with Sativa for this opportunity. She is just fantastic, a natural model/performer, as sexy as this day is long and one hell of a good person! Turns out, she was a fan of mine from waaaay back. I was a fan of hers from the moment I met her 🙂 Our chemistry is off the charts and I think you’ll agree once you see our scene together! Pay special attention to her ass, it’s the perfect shape and as tight as a drum… Sativa is one of the best scene partners I’ve ever had… so good, that even I’m jerking off to our scene! Enjoy, xoxo, J.”

Sativa: “Ayyy it’s your favorite Philly dick girl Sativa!! When Grooby contacted asking if i’d be interested in shooting for this new, extremely sensual site I was fucking ecstatic. What really peaked my interest was my pairing with the one and only Jamie French!!! God, I’ve been a big fan of Jamie’s since I was a damn teen. When meeting Jamie for the first time I instantly felt a very strong, steamy connection. You could feel an aura of arousal just being around us. When I finally got to wrap my lips around her pulsating cock I practically melted. I couldn’t wait any longer to feel her inside me. Our time was quite orgasmic. Shooting for this titillating new site TGirls.Porn with Jamie was an amazing experience. We were a perfect match, I hope you enjoy the scene as much as I did.”


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