Freya Wynn & Amarna Miller ?>

Freya Wynn & Amarna Miller

IT’S been tough to keep this one under wraps so we are thrilled to finally be able to present this explosive TS & GG scene to the world. Two insanely fine ladies Freya Wynn and Amarna Miller intertwine in an eye-popping XXX shot by Blackula. We caught up with Freya after the shoot and here’s what she had to say….

Freya: “I had been giddy for this shoot for a month by the time we shot, and as soon as I met Amarna sparks totally flew for me. I normally go for the ladies, although most the girls in my life have been trans so I was a bit nervous – after all, this was one of my first hardcore scenes. Amarna has a supper bubbly and energetic personality about her, as soon as we kissed for the stills I was instantly hard and we shared the same giggly mood throughout the scene. She’s such a Spanish sweetheart and has such a lovely body – I warmed up to her instantly. Typically I don’t like being super rough with someone until I get to know them some, but I knew she was a bit of a pain-slut and the fact that she liked me choking her made me swoon that harder. I know I’ll be crushing on her for a while <3”

Armana: “The first thing I noticed when I saw Freya is that she was extremely tall…and very young! I really liked her long hair and the style of clothing she was wearing, kind of goth and very sexy, with big boots and a short black dress. We already knew each other from the internet so I was sure we were going to have a very good connection: we are both into rough sex, and also into BDSM! The chemistry was amazing from the beginning and by far the thing I liked the most were her deep kisses, full of intensity. She fucked me in every position you can imagine and definitely we had a lot of fun. I’d love to shoot with her again!!”

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