Emmy Jagger & Emily Pixie ?>

Emmy Jagger & Emily Pixie

I’ve been talking to Emily Pixie (who’s new stage name is Freya Lovecraft) about doing a girl on girl shoot. When I finally came to her area, her partner was in my area! She’d met another model I’ve worked with named Emmy Jagger, both girls are musicians and there’s been sexual tension ever since they met.

With girl on girl shootz, you can never just assume which girl’s going to top as I seem to be wrong most of the time. Emmy has a much bigger cock, but she’s also a total bottom.

I was surprised (a recurring theme for me) when I found out that Emily had never actually fucked an ass before, only vaginas. That didn’t keep her from being horny and rock hard the entire night.

The two came to the set holding hands and were cuddling before the shoot. As soon as we started, they went right for each other, kissing and holding until they started removing their clothes.

I almost felt guilty each time I stopped them to take a few pictures!

After a lot of good foreplay on the couch, the girls moved on to the bed. They kept the curtains opened so the beautiful sky was visible, but they had to be closed after a lookie lou in the office building next door decided to take a break from working late and enjoy the view.

With the voyeur cut off, they went back to the action. It was a little awkward for the “virgin” Emily Pixie to figure the penetration thing out, but once she did, she was off and stroking.

After Emmy works her mouth off to get Emily off, they two revel in the ecstasy of a great sex session, kissing and cuddling for a few minutes.

Check out the free trailer of this sizzling exclusive here!

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