Domina Vi & Tai ?>

Domina Vi & Tai

It’s the 4th of July and we are celebrating with fireworks here on TGP as buxom bad girl Domina Vi leads fresh faced Tai into her slutty web of seduction for an evening of classic XXX girlie fun. Another burning production brought to us by Omar Wax!

Domina: “Girls are the most attractive creatures on earth. From their intellect to their soft feminine beauty I am totally drawn to them. Being with Tai I was able to be more natural. We’re both poly and we’re into similar kink. I’m dominate with her and she’s my little play kitten!

Tai: “I enjoyed being with Domina. I’m attracted to how she commands me around in the bedroom. Forcefully telling me I enjoy how she spanks my ass and I secretly do even though it stings a bit! Our sex felt like butterflies in Spring….”



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