Domina Vi & Fyrscha ?>

Domina Vi & Fyrscha

Two of our curvier girls get all kinds of freaky in this sensational scene by Omar Wax. Domina Vi & Fyrscha are another pair of real life lovers who open their doors to Grooby and show us exactly the kind of fun they get up to in the sheets. Here are some words from this lustful couple –

Domina Vi – “For me, sex is all about making the other woman have strong responses. Moans, gasps, weakness of breath…anything that shows what I’m doing is rocking her world. I’ve also always been dominant sexually, so nothing makes me cum harder than hearing a girl call out my name in loud gasps or pant wildly while I fuck her. That’s why I’m with my Fyrscha, not only is her body great but her noises and responses…goddamn.”

Fyrscha – “I’ve always enjoyed intimacy and sex with other women, but no one has ever made me as wet or excited as Vi. Everything from smelling her hair to sinking my fangs and claws into her soft skin, everything about her, drives me wild and makes me crave mating with her. I’ve always had a strong fetish for feet, mine and others, and Vi’s feet are perfect for me, not to mention her gorgeous face and delicious ass.”

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