Coco Dahlia & Jenny Flowers ?>

Coco Dahlia & Jenny Flowers

Yet another bar-raising classic to grace our screens this week as teen sweetheart Jenny Flowers bunks up with nympho minx Coco Dahlia for a popping Omar Wax production. Buckle up and get amongst it over in our all-girl update area this instant!

Jenny: “So my usual dom is unhappy with how I go through life nonchalantly and carefree. Not sure why this bothers her but she quickly comes up with a solution to break up the monotony. Said she really gets turned on to publicly humiliate me so she command that I stand outside near busy freeway…TOPLESS. She knows how insecure of my small boobs I am and how easily get embarrassed when people even mention anything about them. Really didn’t want to stand outside but I certainly didn’t want to face repercussions for my disobedience. So I begrudgingly obeyed…ugh”

Coco “Every time, I mean EVERY time she comes around with her derby facial expressions I get this burning passion to humiliate her. Have to admit, embarrassing her does help get my rocks off. I’ve done some pretty cruel things like pushed her around at the grocery store, spanked her bottom so loud it sounds like thunder but nothing to the point of her biggest fears. “Now get up, go outside…TOPLESS.”



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