Bailey Love and Mia Valentina ?>

Bailey Love and Mia Valentina

ANOTHER PAIR of delectably delicious transgirls combine to bring you this week’s inferno of an update as Bailey Love and Mia Valentina take centre stage for an evening of “girls only” cock sucking, butt fucking XXX mayhem! Both of these sexy young sweethearts were unveiled on Grooby sites earlier this year and we decided they made the perfect match for a steamy session under Omar Wax’s lights. Grab your Grooby Jizz Towel, lock the door and lose yourself in this mouth watering display….

Bailey Love:“First of all my time with Valentina Mia was unbelievably hot. She had these eyes that just got my blood burning deep with desire as soon as we met. When she kissed my skin it was soo electric and when she had her tongue in my ass it felt so fucking wonderful my entire body felt like it was covered in goosebumps. Our chemistry was off the charts. When I kissed all over her body and stuck my tongue in her ass she made the most erotic whimpers. Her lips against mine gave me such an adrenaline rush. When I had her cock in my mouth and could make her squirm and moan and cry out for more. She had no clue what she was in store for when I stuck my dick in her ass. She couldn’t get enough of it. She wanted it from behind, on her back, in cowgirl reverse cowgirl and a few others. She worked my cock like a woman starved of sex for over a year. We fucked for what seemed like hours with no finish in sight. Then she started begging me to cum. Being a pleaser I was happy to try and acquiesce her request but once she started kissing me again as I worked my very hard cock in my hand it proved too much for me and I exploded all over myself. To date it was the hottest sex I have ever had with another TransGirl, but something tells me that there are hotter scenes to cum ;)”

Valentina Mia:“Feeling the soft lips of another girl and getting turned on was definitely a first for me. I felt like Bailey and I connected faster than I have with most men. It’s like we both knew what we wanted from one another. I love pleasing my partner, and she made it very obvious that I was pleasing her, and that drove me wild! Kissing, followed by sucking her succulent nipples, made me want to discover more and more of her body. As I disrobed her, I pushed the boundaries of my sexual desires and came to love her feminine embrace. Bailey’s throbbing cock deep inside me made me a little more than just Bi-curious. I think I should try this again soon, you know, just to make sure this wasn’t just an exception, because if this is what it’s like to be with a girl, then sign me up for more. Can’t wait to try this again!”

HUGE free trailer video here!


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