Ava Keading & Meagan Ortiz ?>

Ava Keading & Meagan Ortiz

“This was a totally surprising shoot for me. I had in no way, shape, or form any idea that these two would wind up shooting together, but they each picked each other out of potential partners.

I had no idea that Meagan Ortiz was a top (with girls), so it was lucky that Ava Keading was versatile. I was also surprised that Meagan Ortiz was into other trans women. When I asked her about it, she said she definitely likes girls, depending on what they look like. She went on to tell me about a romp she had with one of my other popular models when they were going to school together.

Ava Keading says she’s bi-sexual or a “slut by orientation”, so I knew the shoot would work.

Things start out smoothly enough, but I had a hard time keeping them separated once they started going. Both girls were rock hard for nearly the entire shoot, which made for some good blowjob action.

After some good fucking, the girls cumshots came in pretty good succession, with Meagan Ortiz blowing one of her huge, spurting cumshots, followed by Ava Keading’s own cumshot.

The girls got in the shower after the shoot, giving us a prime view of their wet bodies!!”

– Radius Dark


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  1. Ava Keading is a tiny girl with a big cock and cute face. She’s pretty early in her transition, but I see a lot of potential in this little lady. She’s got prior experience as a twink doing mostly hardcore shoots.

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