Anya The Blushing Rocker & Scarlett Winters ?>

Anya The Blushing Rocker & Scarlett Winters

UPDATE TIME and fireworks be happening once more as we very proudly present our latest coup in an ongoing series of electrifying scenes, right here on the home of the hottest! Anya The Blushing Rocker is a hot and horny punk chick with a big cock and aspirations of becoming a star. Scarlette Winters is a #GroobyNewbie with a sexy bod who smashes her first set with us today. Omar hooked this rampant duo up, sat back and let the magic happen…..

Anya: “For me, attraction is all about competition. Whenever I’m attracted to somebody, I let my feathers show and every little thing becomes a competition. This is very much how my friendship with Scarlette can be described. From games to the bedroom, we’re always trying to one up each other and prove to be the dominant half. Sex becomes another game, the two of us rolling around trying to pin the other to the bed, or seductively whisper the right words to make the other submit. Sometimes she wins, sometimes I win but every time it’s a memorable experience.”

Scarlette: “Anya and I go way back, and we’ve always had a certain chemistry. We’re both very competitive ladies, whether that’s playing video games or playing with each other. I love the back and forth and the fight for dominance, but I do tend to be more submissive than her so more often than not she ends up dominating me rather than the other way around. I’m not complaining though, I love the way she takes charge, and it makes my pussy so wet the way she pins me down and makes me beg for it. Sleeping with another girl is always such a treat too, and Anya is no exception. Soft hair, soft lips, her hands caressing me, making me moan weakly, or wildly depending on her whim. It just makes me melt.”


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