A Perfect Match: Dahlia & Tara ?>

A Perfect Match: Dahlia & Tara

I must admit I had a little say in the casting for this when Omar was trying to find shoots for Tara and Dahlia. I just thought they’d be a nice match. Both really cute and pretty girls, whom are firm favourites across our sites and both have developed with us into the stunning women they are today. Tiny Tara is a bottom, who loves cock and Meddle (aka Dahlia) Bloom a striking blonde with a nice sized hard cock, who can top or bottom. This is a cracking scene, with both girls at their best and really seem to be enjoying every moment of being with each other. For those of us only lucky enough to be looking on, and not there in person, it’s a visual feast with Omar getting up close and personal and you can feel the chemistry and tension between these two gorgeous girls.


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